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MGH Faculty Development Podcast

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Faculty Development Podcast

Oct 6, 2021

The Parenting Series is an Office for Women’s Careers initiative focused on well-being and work-life balance for MGH faculty and trainee parents. Each session includes a panel of people with lived experience sharing their thoughts and stimulating discussion on a topic relevant to managing parenthood.

This panel discussion focused on fun things to do with your kids! Anne Fishel, PhD, talked about the importance of mealtimes during the pandemic, how they changed, and what the Family Dinner Project has to offer to help families harness the many nutritional, mental health, and academic benefits of shared mealtimes. Anne Levy, PhD, shared her insights into the experience of reading aloud to her three children before bedtime until they were in middle school - short and then longer books from her children’s, hers, and her parents’ generation. Rana Chudnofsky, MEd, was not recorded, but she shared the essential tools to build resilience and improve your health and quality of life, while helping support your children and teens to learn and practice their own resiliency building skills.

Panel Speakers:
Anne Fishel, PhD, Executive Director of the Family Dinner Project
Anne Levy, PhD, Senior Program Manager of the Center for Faculty Development at MGH
(not recorded) Rana Chudnofsky, MEd, Director of the PART Training Program and Resilient Youth at the Benson Henry Institute

Webinar available: