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MGH Faculty Development Podcast

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Faculty Development Podcast

Feb 15, 2023

Faculty Transition Webinar Series 4

Nora Yousif equipped participants with the know-how needed for a successful retirement transition, even in the context of all the macroeconomic uncertainty. She discussed key insights to help protect your family’s financial well-being, reviewed how to help ensure you are on track to retire at your targeted age, discussed advanced strategies to help maximize your future social security monthly benefit, offered low-risk alternatives to cash with inflation looming, advised on how to take advantage of elevated interest rates, and provided investment considerations given the recent market volatility.

Presenter: Nora Yousif, CFP, CDFA, MBA, Financial Advisor and Senior Vice President of the Empower Wealth Group at RBC Wealth Management

Click for the webinar available on the intranet.