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MGH Faculty Development Podcast

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Faculty Development Podcast

May 25, 2022

Good comedy is unifying and even a small amount in an otherwise dry lecture can make it (and you!) significantly more engaging. Beth Sherman talked about learning how to identify and take advantage of organic comedic opportunities in your presentations. She covered the basic rules of comedy writing, including self-awareness, specificity, breaking patterns, rules of threes, joke structure, and why some words are funnier than others. The ultimate goal isn’t to force comedy or make every presentation hilarious, simply to add a bit of seasoning when and where it will be appreciated most.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this activity, participants were be able to:

  • Explore how the addition of authentic humor helps presenters connect more efficiently to their audience.
  • Identify common opportunities for humor in everyday presentations.
  • Apply the basic rules of comedy writing to make the most of comedic opportunities, resulting in a more engaging and effective final product.

Presenter: Beth Sherman, BA, is a 7-time Emmy Award-winning comedy writer. Her credits include Late Show with David LettermanThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Ellen DeGeneres Show, as well as MTV’s Video Music Awards, the Screen Actors’ Guild Awards and the Academy Awards (the Oscars). Prior to that, she spent more than a decade doing stand-up comedy, performing at clubs, colleges and military bases all over world, including Kuwait and Iraq.

As a speechwriter, she's the founder of "Authentically Funny Speeches," a ghostwriting and coaching service focused on helping non-show business professionals add humor to personal and professional toasts, speeches and presentations.

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