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MGH Faculty Development Podcast

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH)
Faculty Development Podcast

Feb 1, 2023

“Reprogramming Metabolism – Perspectives From Pediatric Thyroid Cancer And Bariatric Surgery”

The Anne Klibanski Visiting Lecture Series was created to support and advance the careers of women. These lectures bring together faculty from institutions that have hosted Anne Klibanski Scholars with MGH scholars, on topics that overlap both research areas.

Dr. Franco presented on “Pediatric thyroid cancer-Reprogramming Thyroid hormone action and metabolism throughout the lifespan.”
Dr. Singhal presented on “Metabolic Effects of Bariatric Surgery in Adolescents.”

Aime Franco, PhD, Assistant Professor and Investigator with the Center for Childhood Cancer Research, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Vibha Singhal, MD, MBBS, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Director of Pediatric Program, MGH Weight Center

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this activity, participants were able to:

  • Discuss the metabolic impact of bariatric surgery on adolescents
  • Discuss and define the most common mutations associated with pediatric thyroid cancer
  • Physiological adaptions throughout the lifespan due to long-term survivorship

Click here to watch webinar.